Spend more time swimming and enjoying your pool and we’ll take care of the maintenance. We have a variety of customizable plans available to fit your needs.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance service for both residential and commercial pools and spas.

Pre-season & Cleanups

Winterize pool/spa/water feature and Spring/Fall cleanups.

Inspection & Repairs

Thorought inspection and professional repair to keep your pool/spa clean and healthy.

maintenance plans

For pool or spa, we have Weekly Maintenance / Biweekly Maintenance plans.

• Skim and vacuum
• Inspect/backwash the filter
• Test and balance water
• Clear debris from skimmer & pump baskets
• Clean coping tiles
• Brush the floor & walls
• Clean hot tub cover and accessories

We will inspect all equipment for correct operation during each visit. We also note information including tasks performed, test results and chemicals added. This detailed onsite log will help you to monitor how your pool is maintained.

pre-season & cleanups

We have seasonal packages could help you have your pool, spa or water feature ready for the season ahead.

• Winterize pool / spa / water features
• Removal of water from Solar Heating Systems
• Pool / Spa waste removal and cleanup

If you have green, gross water in your pool, our Cleanup Package is right for you. Once the pool cleanup is completed, routine maintenance will be needed. If you’re a DIYer, we can help walk you through a routine cleaning. If you prefer to have us look after you pool, we can add you to our weekly schedule.

inspection & repairs

If you are selling your house or if you are purchasing a house that has a pool or spa. You can hire us to do inspection service for you. Our professional inspection report will help you.

We also offer variety of repairs and installation services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Chlorinators
• Motors
• Pumps
• Covers
• Timers
• Automated systems

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